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Those who are misinformed in matters related to fetishes quickly assume that every fetish follows the same template, or that fetishes are highly uncommon and something only understandable by freaks and deviants. This is simply not the case. Some fetishes are extremely common, and therefore should be easy to share with people in your life. Upon taking a closer look at some of the more common fetishes, many others will likely spring to mind that also sound quite common and relatable according to Marylebone Escorts.


One extremely common fetish is voyeurism. The usual understanding of this fetish is a person who gets turned on by being watched engaging in a sexual act, or naked. Did you know that looking at pornography is another form of the same thing? If you are getting so aroused by something that you are compelled to masturbate, then chances are you fetishize about that thing. In the case of pornography according to Marylebone Escorts from, anyone who is turned on watching it, is someone who has some voyeuristic streak in them, obviously.


Do you find piercings hot? How about tattoos? The sexual attraction to tattoos and piercings and alternative body art in general is known as stigmatophilia and is quite common. Even if you are a person who decorates your own body, chances are you do so because you expect there to be a pretty common attraction to that particular appearance in others.


A sexual fetish that isn’t quite as common but is still among the more common is trichophilia. If this fetish describes you, then you are attracted and aroused by hair. While this typically is in regards to hair on a person’s head, it can also relate to body or facial hair as well. The fashion of wearing a beard as a man is something that is gaining traction and becoming more and more popular. It wouldn’t be very surprising to find out that men’s increased interest in growing their beards has something to do with a matching level of interest from sexual suitors, whether male or female. Hair can be hot!


It’s never fair to yourself to deny who you are and what excites you. If you are turned on by any of the common fetishes mentioned, you can rest assured that you really are not alone. Many others are likely pulled in the same directions and feel much like you do!

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