The foods that you eat play a key role when it comes to not only satisfying your partner during sex, but also enjoying it.



There are foods that can boost your libido and raise your game while others take away the enjoyment. This why as an adult, you must stick to healthy diet if you want to have a mind-blowing sex life. Apart from your usual diet, what you eat before sex also determines your performance; below are some of the foods that can enhance your sex life said by the lovely London Escorts.

Almonds Almonds are the perfect aphrodisiac. They contain vital minerals that not only promote sexual health but also increase passion. Trace elements such as zinc and selenium increase sexual desire and also enhance libido. If you want a night of passionate love-making, then consider eating some almonds to kick start it said by the lovely London Escorts.

Strawberries Strawberries boast of the color red that adults find to be very sexy. Apart from their color, these fruits are rich in libido-boosting compounds known as methylxanthines that can guarantee you a night of your life. Strawberries are also rich in folic acid and vitamin B that ward off birth defects.

Seafood Have you ever wondered why many hotels run out of seafood especially on Valentine’s Day? Seafood may be slimy, but they are the absolute aphrodisiac. Foods such as wild salmon, herring and oysters are rich in libido-boosting minerals such as zinc. They also have unsaturated fats that are good for your heart.

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Avocados Avocados are known as super fruits for a reason said by the lovely London Escorts. They boast of antioxidant properties that promote blood flow. The monosaturated fats they offer the body keep the heart healthy and thus keep you going during sex. For the ultimate night of passion, consider eating a fruit salad that contains avocado, strawberries, citrus and other tropical fruits. Eating the above foods will certainly take your sex life to the next level. As you do that, stay clear of the following three libido killing foods.

Alcohol A little alcohol will help you open up on your date and even take away any inhibitions that you may have, but too much of it becomes a problem. Taking alcohol in excess dampens your sexual desire and can make it even hard for men to get an erection. It also decreases sensitivity and arousal in both men and women.

Peppermint Bad breath is a turn off for almost anyone but turning to peppermint does not help during sex. Methanol in peppermint reduces testosterone levels thus lowering your sex drive. Furthermore, chewing introduces a lot of air into your system, and its exit is never romantic.

Fatty Foods Fries and hot dogs are some of the common fatty foods that you must avoid if you plan to have sex that day. They are rich in bad fats that affect your heart and also lead to a host of sexual problems in adults. Fatty foods tend to make a person feel fat, which doesn’t help during lovemaking! The food that you choose for dinner is the difference between an explosive night of love making and an ordinary one. This is why you must shun those that will affect your sex drive negatively and instead focus on those that will make the night memorable.

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